Independent Medical Evaluation

An Independent Medical Evaluation (also referred to as IME) is an objective, third-party assessment. An IME can be requested by insurance companies, benefits providers, Human Resources managers, lawyers, and/or employers. 

Our team will act as a neutral third-party who will review all the medical records which could include such things as: previous testing, physician notes, occupational/rehabilitation therapist recommendations, previous counselling as well as the incident that brought them to this place in their career.  Our team will administer several in-depth tests to be able to recommend future care needs and offer an opinion on what medical benefits, modified duties or restrictions if any, the employee should receive in the future.

Our team will work closely with both the client and the referral source to make sure it is understood what it expected from both parties.  It is made clear to the client when first engaging that that referral source is the client and that all findings will be relayed to them, however it is extremely important for the client to be open, honest and willing to engage in the process for them to also receive the best possibly outcome.  All findings and the completed report will be shared with the client as well as the referral source for transparency to the findings from the assessment completed.