Parenting Capacity Assessment

The Parenting Capacity Assessments are typically court ordered and are conducted by a Registered Psychologist. They are designed to assist Courts, Lawyers, Children Services, and other community agencies in making decisions for families that are in the best interests of the child(ren). Amanda's role will be to provide recommendations in setting out a plan for the ongoing care of the child(ren) between separated/divorced parents.

The Process of a Parenting Capacity Assessment

  • Referral from either a court order, a lawyer's recommendations and/or an agency such as Children Services

  • An intake will be set up with the caseworker or lawyer to gather background around the circumstances

  • An intake will then be set up with the person to which the assessment is being completed

  • The client of the assessment will attend for 3-2 hours times where they will meet with Amanda to administer testing on their cognitive, behavioural, educational and parenting levels. If additional time is needed, that will be set up in office.

  • During the time the client is being assessed it is asked that a close relative, spouse, support worker or someone that has known the client for quite some time also fill out some tools to help be able to see another side.

  • An observation of the home environment with the parent/caregiver/guardian will be set up with Amanda for approximately a one hour timeframe.

  • Once all of the tools have been administered and marked, Amanda will compile the data and prepare a report for the referral source.

  • Then a meeting (debrief) will be set up with the client, referral source and anyone else that could be beneficial to be there to go over all the information, testing and recommendations that have been concluded from the assessment.

  • A copy of the assessment will be given to the referral source, upon completion.